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Not just clothing

Besides for the regular clothing, we also provide a dry cleaning service for example your ski outfits. But also many other textiles are being cleaned by us with proper care and craftsmanship. For example: sleeping bags and garden chair cushions, covers and lining of furniture, spreads, covers of waterbeds and much more.

Cleaning your winter and summer clothing

It is wise to clean your summer and winter clothing before they will disappear for longer period into your closet. This will make sure that your clothing will remain pretty and suitable for use. And above all, it is much more hygienic. Any dirt that is visible on your clothing will become more stuck, with the risk that your clothing will start to become yellow. Season bonded articles like ski outfits, sleeping bags and garden chair cushions, should be cleaned from time to time; preferably before they are stowed away. Most of these articles require a special treatment as they cannot be cleaned in the washing machine without any risks. Dry Cleaning Panda knows all about these treatments and is more than happy to take care of this for you.

Less season bonded articles are for example: the lining of chairs and sofas and also the covers of chairs, sofas and waterbeds. Perhaps the “big cleaning chore” is not so popular anymore, yet it is recommended to regularly professionally clean these articles. Not only will dust, tobacco smoke, and dust mite coat in the material, but it also becomes dirty and squished by everyday use. Specially on light lining you can notice this.

The importance of clothing care

From experience we can tell how much important our customers attach to a well looked after appearance and a professional look. Clothing plays a vital role.

Also we know that quality clothing is often expensive. This is why we do our absolute best to make sure it remains in perfect condition. Dirt and stains are skillfully and thoroughly removed by a special cleaning method, that is friendly to the textile and colors and fabric structure. After the cleaning the material feels comfortable and its possible odors are removed.

Cleaning with our highly advanced equipment makes it possible to undue greasy contamination without shrinking or loss of form, to materials like wool, polyester and silk. These materials cannot be cleaned with soap and water because of the chance to damage the clothing. Stains will be given a special treatment before the clothing gets cleaned in a machine.