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Leather, suede & fur

Clothing that is entirely or partially made out of materials like leather, napa and suede are highly popular and usually not very cheap to buy. Therefor get the most out of your investment by taking proper care of it. Because no skin is the same, there are often huge quality differences between the leather sorts. This calls for a special treatment in the process of cleaning and finishing your clothing.

Leather, napa, suede & fur cleaning

Leather is a beautiful natural product cause it’s durable and has style. New leather has plenty of nutrients. But these nutrients are slowly being used by the leather. As these nutrients decrease in time, they need to be resupplied. Leather and suede has the attribute that it starts showing light spots after long wear.

A correct way of cleaning your jacket, trousers or skirt from every leather kind will extend the lifetime of your clothing. For the cleaning of your leather and suede clothing, Stomerij Panda is your place to be. During the cleaning and finishing process, the correct nutrients are being resupplied. The nutrients are being applied to your clothing at every cleaning service, keeping your clothing nice and smooth.

Stomerij Panda does the entire process all on their own!