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Dry cleaning suits

A suit your own laundry and ironing is not the best idea, so it is wise to have your suit dry-cleaned. A beautiful and well-fitting suit is a valuable asset. One suit dry cleaned in error, please also leave for a reliable and professional company. Panda is dry where your suit is in good hands.

When dry cleaned?

Outside the dry cleaning of your suit is wise your suit no longer than bear two days straight. Most of the suits are made of wool which has to restore the time needed. Make sure your suit will depend on a good wide pendant. With regular wear is recommended every 2 or 3 weeks to dry cleaning your suit.

Dry Panda will not just steaming your suit, your steaming before we pack we examine the package to make sure that we treat the stain tissues and in the right way and achieve better results if we dry-clean your suit. We have years of experience, many went for you to dry-clean their suits our dry cleaning.

The costumes of various musicals are entrusted to us, Joop van der Ende is a regular customer of dry Panda. The entire cleaning of your suit, the steam itself to the pressing is done in a professional manner. Dry Panda steams your suit on the GreenEarth way, this means that your suit is steamed with liquid silicone, a very gentle cleaning for your clothes, so there is no wear and tear is more to your precious costume when steaming. At this time, advise the exclusive brands to dry cleaning your clothes at a dry cleaner that cleans with Green Earth.

Environmentally friendly steaming

We steaming your suit in an environmentally friendly manner. We will save up to 70% on water and energy through energy-saving equipment, energy-saving methods and environmentally friendly cleaners to dry clean your suit. We stand as dry Panda regarded by the Dutch Association of Textile Cleaners (Netex). Each Netex dry undertakes to organize the business in accordance with established standards regarding quality, hygiene and environment. This Netex logo stands for quality. And quality is what you expect if you want to steam your suit.

Each Netex recognized dry cleaning according to the delivery that the trade association has drawn up together with the consumers. You are assured of the best result when you let your suit by steaming Dry Panda.

You can view our highly competitive prices to make steaming your suit here online so you'll know how much it costs to have your suit dry cleaning.

Have questions about the dry cleaning of your suit, please contact us.