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Cleaning Wedding Clothing

So what does the bride do after the music of the wedding party has slowed down, with her brand new exclusive wedding dress? Even the most memorable day in your life leaves spores on the previous spotless textile. Cleaning it yourself is not really an option, as the fabric being used can be very vulnerable and all the extra’s applied to your dress, only makes this process even more difficult.

With Dry Cleaning Panda your wedding clothing is in very good hands. A combination of craftsmanship and a professional equipment of tools, we are capable of cleaning (perhaps even the most expensive piece of clothing you will ever buy!) your wedding clothes to the highest of care. As an option you can also clean accessories like shoes and clothing of the bridesmaid and groomsmen, skillfully by us as a memory for later.

Prices starting from 75 Euro

Also we are more than happy to clean the suit of the bridegroom. And you can also come to us for the cleaning of your shoes.

Do not pay too much for the cleaning of your wedding dress. First contact us, and then we can explain the process of cleaning your wedding dress. Please ask for Dennis de Beer.