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Cleaning curtains

Having clean curtains are a vital component to a well-cared interior. We would like to help you in the often difficult maintenance of your curtains and advise you how you can keep your window decoration, nice and fresh for a long period of time.

Why should I clean my curtains?

Mainly because curtains are often hanged above the central heating where they collect a lot of dirt and dust. It can also collect dust mite and other potential pathogens. Still not everyone takes their time to regally clean their window decorations. Most people tend to satisfy with the vacuuming or beat the over curtains and the washing of the curtains at home.

Definitely not a fun job and above all, not free from any risks against shrinking or damaging.

In particular the cleaning of the over curtains can best be handled by a specialist. Our company is specialized in the cleaning of often vulnerable over curtains. Depending on the kind of textile, the painting and such, are cleaned professionally. Dyes can be influenced by external resources what you cannot see beforehand. During the cleaning it may happen that some dyes start to fade away. But in mostly any case u can count on a fresh window decoration, that will remain clean for a longer period and looks well taken cared off. Regular cleaning, with reinforcement will lengthen your lifespan of your curtains. Do you still remember how beautiful your curtains looked when you first purchased them?

Light curtains

Also we would like to take over the process of cleaning your light curtains. This service is still being performed on the same working day, so that you don’t have to wait very long without your curtains. Because of the use of a professional machine with a large canister, your curtains are better cleaned and wrinkles your curtains to a minimum. For an excellent result, optical white is being added to the washing water. Taking care of your curtains and light curtains is not just very convenience, but it is also a warranty for safe, problems free cleaning with the best manageable result.

Optionally we can provide a service that we schedule your regular maintenance of your window decorations. We will periodically contact you to make an appointment for the maintenance. By this service you are always insured of a clean and fresh curtains and / or light curtains.


The cleaning of your over curtains calls for a specialist, because of the possible risk of shrinking and deforming, even with the most expensive materials. As a specialist in the cleaning and taking care of vulnerable textile materials, our dry cleaning is by far the best choice to perform these activities. You can be absolutely sure that we will bring your curtains back to you just like new.

Curtains and light curtains are always skillfully pressed/ironed for the best result.

Older curtains

Because your curtains are often exposed by many years of sunlight, older curtains can be damaged by the sun, but you usually only see this when you start cleaning them. We will do our at most best to undermine this risk and recognize it in time, but unfortunately we cannot be held any liability.

Tip: Abrasions are often exposed after cleaning, because loosened fiber material gets washed out.

New Curtains And Light Curtains Service:

  • For a fixed price per m2
  • Picking up, washing and bringing it back is possible on the same day.

Please contact Stomerij Panda and ask for Dennis de Beer if you would like to use our service.