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Cleaning Corporate Clothing

Stylish and well looked after corporate clothing is a business card for big or small companies and other organizations. Staff in the catering, shops, banks, dental practice, taxi companies, service-providing services and many other places, are more often equipped with presentable clothing, often carrying the business home style. With the purpose to show more uniformity and professionalism of the company, but also for example, the stronger rules especially on the hygiene area.

Large companies have always brought the care of their personnel corporate clothing, to a professional textile cleaner. Over the last years, more and more smaller companies are doing the same, even if they only count a few employees. As a dry cleaning service, we take care of the vulnerable corporate fashion, for representative functions. But we also take care of any corporate clothing that requires hygienic care. That is a whole lot less for you to worry about and that means more time for your core business practices.

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