Machinery - Stomerij Panda


Dry Panda has several machines. Our greatest pride are the GreenEarth machines with which we clean very environmentally friendly.

Cleaning Machines

  • GreenEarth drycleaning machine Ipura Multimatic 22 kilo
  • GreenEarth drycleaning machine Realstar 28 kilo

Washing machines

  • Electrolux 18 kilo washing machine steam heated
  • 2x Miele Professional 8 kilo washing machine steam heated
  • Miele Professional 20 kilo washing machine steam electrically heated


  • 1x Miele Professional 14 kilo Gas dryer
  • 1x Miele Professional 30 kilo Gas dryer

Finishing equipment

  • Sankosha Form Finisher DF-100-V2
  • Sankosha Broekenpers Fast Back DP-450
  • Sankosha All-round pers DP-250
  • Sankosha lady shirt finisher MF 250 v1
  • Sankosha men shirt finisher Press LD-570
  • Barbantie collor cuff press
  • Veit trouser topper
  • Veit ironing table