About us

Over the years we haven't only accumulated a lot of knowledge about the cleansing of summer and winter clothing, but also including sleeping bags, ski clothing, garden chair cushions, covers and linings of furniture, covers of water beds and bedspreads. Alot of items you can't wash without risk, yet desire a professional and special cleaning. This both from a hygienic point of view and in order to prevent the items to shrink, or lose shape, because if that does happen it will be no longer usable.

Therefore, we take the utmost care to all your gear. Our starting point is to keep your belongings in perfect condition. We do this through sophisticated cleaning processes, which remove dirt, stains, textiles and keeps color and texture intact.

Our advanced (washing) equipment makes it possible to remove bad odors and greasy pollution from, for example, materials of a variety of types of wool, polyester and silk. Stubborn stains always get special treatment.

Long story short, Dry Panda is a true all-rounder and always solves all your cleaning problems!