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Environmentally Friendly Cleaning, Durable Business At Stomerij Panda

VOORBURG – With great passion for this profession the owner Dennis de Beer of Stomerij Panda tells us that the new machine, is a revolution on the dry cleaning industry in Holland. De Beer is very proud that producer Joop van den Ende, is a regular costumer to his dry cleaning company. “All musicals have already passed our red carpet. At the moment you see costumes from the hit musicals Mary Poppins, Pettycoat and Soldaat van Oranje. With Green Earth the musicals will look even better than they are now!”

Dennis de Beer: “what is more beautiful than environmentally friendly cleaning!

“We are one of the first dry cleaning that will be operating the lpura-washing machine from Multimatic. Before this new technology we used to clean with perchlorethylene, but now with Green Earth we use liquid silicones that are biodegradable. This stuff is also being used in shampoos. A great benefit is that you will no longer have any extra odors to your clothing and you no longer have any wear and tear, cause it is very soft to your clothing and therefor can also finish your clothing in a much better way. Actually your clothing with this new technology, becomes even better than before you purchased it.”

Dennis de Beer also notices that the use of this new procedure is much more efficient. “We safe up to 70 % of water and energy. Also we get subsidy from the government from the purchase of the new machine. To show our fellow dry cleaners this new technology, we invite them in February to an open house to demonstrate Green Earth. This is a true revolution in the dry cleaning business!” De Beer shows us that his dry cleaning Panda has already long used power saving machines and that for example, with a quick steam generator and gas exchanger, up to 40 % of gas is being saved.

This family company has a long history. The grandfather of Dennis de Beer opened up his business in 1956 in the Ruijsdaelstraat in The Hague. In 1978 a new dry cleaning was opened in the shopping mall of Babylon. When his grandfather died in 1991 this oldest son, Henri de Beer, took over the business and in 1996 his 17 year old son, Dennis, came to work for the business. During the renovation of Babylon they decided to open an extra shop in the Ministry of VROM at the Rijnstraat.

“When we had to leave Babylon we moved to a shop in Voorburg Bovenveen and the head store/depot went to the Rijnstraat. Three years ago my father went on his retirement and then together with my wife Patricia, as a third generation, we took over the entire business. What could be any better than having a dry cleaning with satisfied customers! And having customers who help to save the environment”,

said by Dennis de Beer.