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The best dry cleaning & Laundry in the Netherlands

Dry Cleaning Panda is a dry cleaner located in The Hague and Voorbrug. We offer various services such as washing, cleaning, steaming, pressing and repairing. We cleans, steams and pressesway. Dry cleaning. Located in The Hague and Voorburg. 100% green! We deliver fast service at affordable prices. With more than 60 years of experience in expert cleaning of all types of textile, we guarantee that your laundry will be cleaned and 100% green! Bring your clothes or textiles in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. Or use our pick-up and drop-off service!

Our cleaning process is 100% safe
for your clothing, the air, the water and the ground!

Our services

Cleaning, washing and / or steaming

  • Cleaning Corporate Clothing
  • Cleaning Wedding Clothing
  • Cleaning or washing of duvets and blankets
  • Dry cleaning suits
  • Washing and ironing shirts
  • Leather, suede & fur
  • Cleaning or washing of quilts and blankets
  • Cleaning curtains
  • Cleaning rugs & carpets
  • Not just clothing


  • Making clothing fire retardant
  • Specialized cleaning and ironing
  • Clothing repair or adjustments
  • Making clothing water-resistant